Outsourcing Integrated Services

Need a driver and a vehicle? You don’t have to look anywhere else!

Let us take care of your delivery services. We provide a Driver and a Vehicle for your business needs. All consumables including vehicle fuel, tickets, parking and maintenance will be included in this service.

This will be on an hourly basis with nominal amounts. The rates are depending on the number of working hours.

These can be classified to various industries as follows:

1. Meals on Wheels – We don’t just deliver food, we delivery an experience! A driver and vehicle will be provided to handle your take away orders. The drivers will always be available during the assigned working hours and can be tracked using our Mobile application. Orders can be sent for pickup and delivery through our innovative system which makes your whole operations easier. We promise that you can have the food in same taste and warmth as you have it at the restaurant with our advanced packing system.

2. Bank on Us– We have designed a unique highly secure service dedicated for all your banking needs. We manage personalized pickups and deliveries of credit cards, debit cards, PIN numbers, mailers and cheque books. We can also take care of your inter-branch deliveries within the required time period. All our drivers are always tracked via the mobile application which reduces any hassles for your operations.

3. E-Commerce – Any organisation that support a home delivery service in their operations. Since Frontline Express will have a Same Day Delivery service and Cash On Delivery services, you can start having an online store to advance your business. The COD amount will be settled as per customers’ requested time period.