About Us

Frontline Express is a new venture launched by the Frontline Group. It comprises of a young and enterprising team with an entrepreneurial spirit. With the help of this new experienced team, we have integrated technology into the day-to-day delivery business industry.

A History of Excellence
Frontline Group, a well-known group of Companies founded by a visionary young entrepreneur with one motto ‘Services Unlimited’.Since its inception in the past decade, Frontline Group has grown into one of the region’s leading companies’ business groups. Mr. BP Nassar proceeded his career into Logistics and launched Frontline Logistics in the year 2008 along with three of his relatives & partners Mr. Musthafa Kari, Mr. Afsal Ali and Mr. Anwar Ali, a modest 4-member team and transformed it into a Company with 220 employees, 8 divisions and operations team in 6 countries namely, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and India and having a network all around the world. He plays a pivotal role in emerging Frontline Logistics Group into a leading brand in the Middle East and GCC.

The major business divisions of the Frontline Group are:
1. Frontline Logistics Co WLL
2. Frontline Relocations
3. Frontline International General Trading
4. Frontline Scanning & Imaging
5. Frontline Printing Press
6. Frontline Projects & Property Management
7. Coolline Radiators & Auto Spare Parts & Trading
8. Frontline Holidays

Over the years, the Frontline Group of Companies has provided the highest level of professional service to its clients by adhering to key principles such as integrity, communication, liquidity, growth, participation, profit and fun.